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Welcome to Carlisle Dorafshani Wohl & Associates Inc. – CDW CPAs

We understand that resolving the financial issues in a divorce can be complicated and overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be hell on earth.

You can hire advisors who work toward agreement instead of dragging your family through the time-consuming, aggravating, and costly court system. People who once cared for each other, and perhaps raised children together, may be able to negotiate an equitable settlement with our assistance.

Even if you or your spouse have already started down the road to expensive litigation, we can guide you in finding ways to mitigate the damage, keep the hostility to a minimum, and get on with your lives.

Here are some of the things we, as litigation, mediation, and collaborative law CPA experts, can do to help.

We offer confidential financial services to individuals and couples at reasonable rates. We educate clients with regard to their family’s financial needs and the parties’ ability to pay child support, alimony and the fair division of separate and community property.

As forensic accountants, we review tax returns, QuickBooks records and financial statements to determine the business owner’s income available for support and perquisites.

We offer tracing of separate and community property, business valuations and Moore-Marsden calculations, as well as consulting regarding the tax ramifications of various options for dividing community property and making support payments.

We work with attorneys and mediators to settle all financial issues amicably as jointly retained accountants or 730 (court witness) experts. We are available to testify in court if you are unable to negotiate an equitable agreement.

We realize that the divorce process can be both stressful and expensive. We are committed to saving you time and money. Contact us now to discuss your next best move.


I really want to thank you again for the moral support I felt when working with you. I came into all of this not knowing or understanding the smallest thing about our finances, and you helped me learn. ... "
As I look back on the past three years, and the life-changing transition our family went through, I want you to know how grateful I am to you. You were truly an answered prayer. Your patience ..."
Susan was recommended by the other side when the court ordered a forensic 730 accountant. Her CV looked good, so I took a chance. Susan knew her stuff, worked well with contentious parties, ..."

We are ready to satisfy your accounting requirements!

Carlisle Dorafshani Wohl & Associates, Inc. also offers a complete range of accounting and taxation for small businesses and professional corporations.

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