Going through a divorce is a grueling process for anyone. Going through a divorce as a stay-at-home mom married to a small business owner in the financial industry is something that made me, in particular, feel very insecure. I walked into Susan Carlisle’s office with a number of extremely important questions that would greatly affect my life and the lives of my children. Ms. Carlisle walked me through each step of the divorce process. We discussed the myriad of alternatives pertaining to real estate, assets, business valuations, tax implications and support payments. Not only was Ms. Carlisle able to answer all of my questions, she was able to do it in language that I, an inexperienced financial person, could understand. She spoke with compassion and understanding. She advised me and helped me understand how to secure what is justifiably mine. I walked out of her office feeling confident and assured that I can and will be able to work out a fair and just settlement in this divorce. Divorce requires making financial decisions that have life-long implications. These decisions must be made carefully and wisely. Susan Carlisle has the expertise and empathy necessary for anyone to make the right decisions for themselves and their families.

–L. F. W.

Susan Carlisle is a highly ethical, dedicated, and reliable forensic accountant. She is always prepared and dedicated to her very specialized practice of forensic accountancy. There are few forensic accountants that have her level of expertise and I highly recommend her.

–S. Z., Attorney

Dear Susan,

I want to tell you how much I appreciate the work you did on my behalf. I have had a lot of bad experiences over the past five years, as you know, with professionals taking advantage of me and my situation — more specifically, people charging me as much as they possibly can while doing minimal work and not producing. Needless to say, I walked into your office apprehensive and very nervous.

Today is a very different story. Today I saw the result of all your long hours, professionalism, expertise, care and concern. I thank you for helping me to understand both the big picture and the little details. I thank you for teaching me, by allowing me to be a part of the process –not just the end result.

It has been extremely frustrating not understanding what is really going on with my judgment and my financials, because no one gives me a straight answer. No matter who I asked to review and explain my judgment (I had never even heard of an RSU or a Smith-Ostler), I would always got the same answer: “It’s complicated. We can’t know because we don’t know what the stock is worth.” In fact, my two previous attorneys forbade me to contact “my” forensic accountant directly. I was told that the accountant works for the attorney. I was even scolded by my last attorney for sending a simple email directly to “my” accountant.

So, I want you to know that the work that you prepared for me is, without a doubt, superb and smart.

Whatever the outcome, I want you to know just how much I appreciate you and your professional staff.

–My best always, L.P.

Hi Susan:

Good news! We just settled the entire case and signed a deal memo.

THANKS SO MUCH FOR ALL OF YOUR HELP AND FOR DOING EVERYTHING SO QUICKLY. I look forward to working with you again in the future.

—S.P., Santa Monica attorney

I really want to thank you again for the moral support I felt when working with you. I came into all of this not knowing or understanding the smallest thing about our finances, and you helped me learn. Even more, I felt stronger and more capable after our work together. Thank you for all your support and knowledge. It really was a pleasure working with you.



As I look back on the past three years, and the life-changing transition our family went through, I want you to know how grateful I am to you. You were truly an answered prayer. Your patience and understanding coupled with your strength as a woman and your intelligence, gave me the confidence and peace that I was in good hands. Thank you for being there throughout the meetings with the judge. I feel fortunate to have met you and look forward to working with you as my life “beyond divorce” unfolds.

—Thank you from the bottom of my heart, J.

I thank you again for your help with [our] mediation six years ago and your years of tax work for me. Your mediation work contributed to [our] current friendship, good working relationship, and enjoyment of our son and family. I am very grateful.


Susan was recommended by the other side when the court ordered a forensic 730 accountant. Her CV looked good, so I took a chance. Susan knew her stuff, worked well with contentious parties, and her report was clear and explanatory enough that we were able to settle rather than litigating the business. Winner.”

— C.G. Pasadena attorney, CFLS

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