Family members do not always agree on how a will or trust is to be divided.  Their disagreements can range anywhere from some sentimental items to money and property.  A will is legally binding and represents what the deceased family member wanted.  But the executor (or trustee, in the case of a trust) decides what to do if a specific item is not clear, and sometimes the executor/trustee intentionally tries to deny a beneficiary what is owed. Besides inadequate distribution of funds, cases can involve mismanagement or illegal disposal of trust assets, dispersion of assets to the trustee, undue influence, and conflicts of interest in the management of the trust.  Sometimes compromise works to settle a dispute. However, if the executor/trustee does not do his or her fiduciary duty, or one disagrees with the disposal of the property or inheritance money, one can hire an accountant to trace the disposition of the disputed assets as well as to write a report for the attorney and probate court.

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