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A recent internet job opportunities poll showed that English essay writing is one of the fastest rising online-based industry worldwide. College students are increasingly making use of essay writing services to help them in their assignments, projects and essays. With the rise in demand for these services, various companies have been started to attend to the rising competitive market. While some may argue that these service providers are unethical and detrimental to the education process, it is widely believed that seeking help in writing academic essays or projects is not a new phenomenon, the only difference being that it has been further facilitated by the use of the internet and the ease of communication and access to information that the web brings about. Essay writing companies employ competent qualified writers who provide individualistic paper writing services according to the needs of the customer. It is evident that custom essay writing as an industry has a bright future and as competition in the market continues to get stiffer each day, writers and writing companies alike are constantly expected to provide the best, high quality papers and at competitive prices.

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